Napkin Inc. Establishes USA Holding Company

Dover, DE – November 8, 2021 – Napkin Inc. has established its USA Holding Company, “Napkin USA”.

With Napkin projecting to repeatedly acquire within the USA, this move facilitates easier legal framework for USA acquisitions, allows for domestic banking and banking controls, and opens up opportunities with lenders who will only loan to USA-based companies.

As a United States citizen, Napkin Co-Founder Grant Anderson commented, “It’s an important step for Napkin to establish a holding company within the USA. Naturally, it’s more straightforward to acquire a company from a certain country with a company from that same country. It also opens up lending options within the country.”

About Napkin Inc.

Napkin is positioned as a go-public roll-up strategy, with the continued focus of acquiring $200m+ of “digital disruptors” from around the globe. All acquisitions are comprised of elite, complimentary talent that help provide end-to-end solutions across tech markets. By encouraging collaboration and concentrating on strategies for growth, Napkin fosters an environment for business owners to scale effectively and establish themselves as market leaders in the global tech-scene.

Napkin offers founders above-market purchase prices by facilitating a large portion of each transaction with “share-swaps”. Every share issued by Napkin is the same common stock, which allows founders the security of equal-opportunity at any liquidity event. As the collective grows and Napkin matures, founders will experience a further multiple on their “share swap” share price, potentially creating personal liquidity opportunities beyond what they would have otherwise been able to achieve on their own.

As Napkin grows through each set of “batch acquisitions”, investors are afforded the opportunity to buy shares back from founders, thereby providing founders with liquidity while providing investors with discounted pricing.

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