We’re Acquiring $200M of


For a conservatively priced IPO in 2027*

Because value always wins, founders need exits, and we’re better together.

Growth, in batches.

Napkin ‘batches’ multiple attractive company applications together; conducts diligence; then acquires all at once. On transaction day, Napkin issues common stock to all target acquisitions, with a single set price and value, with transparently and no preferred shares. Napkin pays for bankers, accountants, legal, auditors, and marketers to conduct and orchestrate. Founders join, meet, and focus together on growth, while receiving peer support. These newly minted Napkin shareholders share in the value of moving to market as a large team, which equates to top-tier global clients, a strong balance sheet, and the liquidity necessary to outpace the competition.

Napkin’s IPO will occur once all four (4) projected batches are completed, and >$1bn in valuation is achieved from ~3-5x revenue. Liquidity is offered in two ways: by offering share buy-backs and secondaries transactions (not guaranteed) pre-IPO, and through IPO on high volume markets such as TSX and/or NASDAQ (utilizing sponsor banks within Napkin‘s current investor-base and network). A conservative price per share range desired is between $10-$20, which supports strong founder exits from each batch. Each move is made with these conservative price targets in mind, and thereby Napkin seeks to cap dilutive events. To support founders, Napkin offers fair value at each step in the process, and does not give preferential treatment to VC’s, investors, brokers, or bankers.

To achieve volume at exit, Napkin will IPO with fair value, providing plenty of room for the stock to grow in part; this will be done by showing LOI’s for further acquisitions that can be achieved through use of public funds. Napkin vows to never “dump on retail heads”. We believe in fair tech, fair trade, and fair opportunity.


Application deadline for Batch 2 Acquisitions is August 30th, 2024. Transaction closing date will occur on September 30th, 2024 at 2:00pm Eastern Time (Toronto/Miami).

Simple, creative, and profitable #NapkinDeals


We are ambitiously looking for great founders with sticky clients, tech, and talent suitable for our cross-selling, founder-driven model. We acquire using Napkin common stock and earn-outs, and support all acquisitions growth


All companies are value-adding to the Napkin portfolio; have $1m or greater in revenue; and are monthly cash flow-positive (with profitability). This enables us to build relationships with banks & investors, while remaining prudent as we scale together


We’re here to win. Napkin has some of the best and brightest founders in our industry. Together we engage in cross-selling, service-sharing, expense savings, and individual/collective mindset growth.

*With all-stock Napkin deals, sales performance is monitored and made transparent between all Napkin management, peers and shareholders.

† Unwinding Napkin Deals may occur, whereby founders trade-back Napkin stock at the price issued, and receive back their companies in-full.

Industry Leaders Coming Together as Napkin.

Many people say, “don’t do business with friends”; we say only do business with friends. We have a fairly simple rule: no *ssholes allowed. We believe we can make real impact in each other’s lives by building a strong culture of inclusivity, friendship, and service to one another. We’ve inspired new levels of leadership within each other as we push each other to achieve our collective dream. Will you be the next founder to join our team?


“When founders exit their business, it usually marks the end of their vision & autonomy. With Napkin, we’ve been able to EXPAND our vision in a new chapter of growth and opportunity. We’re better together.!”

Josh Sturgeon
CEO, Embertribe

“We’re more like brothers than colleagues. I’ve been working with Matthew and Grant since 2015, and over the years, we’ve become part of each other’s families, sharing life’s joys together.”

Satinath Mondal
Co-Founder, Skynet


“To be part of Napkin is to live under the maxims of respect for the identity of companies and constant search for integration between enterprises. That is why we live in a day-to-day growth where entrepreneurs from various countries put the best of their abilities to be better together.”

Martha Concayo


“Great ideas are not limited by territories, languages or nationalities. That’s Napkin, the house of borderless ideas.”

Chicho Villalba
CCO, Santuario

“As a founder, joining Napkin has been a life changing experience. If you want talent, leadership, and an experienced M&A advisory team that is founder friendly then look no further; you’re in the right conversation if you want to do a Napkin deal.”

TJ Jones
Co-Founder, Embertribe

“Joining Napkin Inc. as their accountant from the very beginning is a dream come true. It’s an honor to be part of this incredible journey, ensuring financial clarity and growth for a company I deeply admire. Together, we will build a legacy of success and innovation.”

Suzana Seis-Manto
Corporale Controller, Napkin Inc.


“Proud to be in NAPKIN, seizing opportunities, forging deals, showcasing skills—confident we will reach the pinnacle of success.”

Arindam Chaudhuri
COO, Skynet

“The goals are simple: unlock personal liquidity for founders, and create a powerful collective. The world needs more motivated founders with meaningful resources.”

Grant Anderson,
Co-Founder, Napkin Inc.

“We no longer own shares in Levector as we now own shares in Napkin.  A group of companies that have far more potential working together to raise everybody’s share price.  The business model just makes sense. ”

Jeff Karram
EP, Levector

“Napkin is a great idea and an oportunity to meet and collaborate with amazing people, who are creative and talented, and driven to win”

Andres Ochoa
CEO, Santuario

“This story is magical. There’s seemingly no limit for scaling and producing a truly large company, and having it bless a ton of hard working people”

Matthew Liberto
CEO, Napkin Inc.

“I’ve known Matthew and Grant for years, love their integrity and I’m excited to be part of the Napkin team to help navigate growth on our journey to IPO!”

Brett Robinson
CFO, Napkin Inc.


“Traditional acquisitions are usually the beginning of the end for founders. When joining Napkin, founders are empowered to grow their vision to the next level.”

Ryan Persaud
Director of M&A, Napkin Inc.

“Having fun with the Napkin crew, and appreciate the desire to win and to go big. We got in early and took a big chance, and I’m excited to reap the rewards”

Adrian Castro
Director, Levector

“We’re mixing the best in industry from video production, to agencies, and advertisers, and are now able to pursue America because of Napkin”

David Pimentel
Partner, Levector


“Joining Napkin has been transformative. It’s inspiring to learn from Matt & Grant’s leadership. Our acquisition has brought new opportunities and resources that position EmberTribe for greater growth and success.”

Deanna Spallone
COO, Embertribe


“I am thrilled to announce that Napkin Inc is now at the forefront of the Middle East’s vibrant business landscape. The region’s boundless potential excites us as we lead our dynamic expansion. Our bold vision is to drive forward with innovative companies, all steering towards a transformative IPO journey.”

Rami Alcheikh
CEO, Napkin Dubai


“NAPKIN inspires enthusiasm for personal and business development. With a multinational group of investors and entrepreneurs, whose common factor is the digitalization of business development, the future promises great results.”

Rolando Murgueitio

Napkin will go anywhere, to acquire the absolute best

Founded in February 2021, Napkin now has companies in Canada, the USA, Latin America, India, and the UAE. We’re expanding at home and abroad, looking for the best and brightest digital disrupters. This includes (but is not limited to) advertising and creative agencies, SaaS and tech founders, payment solutions, fintechs, development houses, video producers, social media managers, influencer and PR firms, copywriting services, and anyone with clever servicing to the e-commerce and fintech spaces. To inquire about an acquisition, please go to the npkn.com/deals page. We look at all applications – we’re better together!

Napkin has spent over $200 million ad campaign dollars with advertisers such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, Amazon & others

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