Napkin Inc. Announces Strategic Acquisition of Emerge Digital IT Solutions LLC at Seamless Middle East 2024

Dubai, UAE – May 21, 2024 – In a significant expansion move, Napkin Inc, a leading Canadian-based digital M&A company, declared the acquisition of Emerge Digital IT Solutions LLC. The announcement took place during the prestigious Seamless Middle East 2024 event in Dubai, a conference known for uniting key innovators in a variety of industries.

This acquisition combines Emerge Digital’s digital marketing proficiency with Napkin’s worldwide network of leading technology-based companies. 

At the event, Grant Anderson, Co-Founder of Napkin Inc, unveiled the Company’s vision: “Napkin’s purpose is to acquire elite digital disruptors that total a minimum of $200m in revenue, thereby facilitating a conservative $1b valuation at IPO. The acquisition of Emerge Digital IT Solutions is another step in that process, and further expands Napkin’s global footprint. It’s especially exciting to finalize this deal, as Emerge adds important complimentary software expertise and marketing capabilities to the portfolio.”

The acquisition adds to Napkin’s geographical strength, combining Emerge Digital’s Middle Eastern market presence with Napkin’s networks in North America, Latin America, and India—with European expansion in the works. Napkin is especially excited about Emerge’s ability to drive sales to its clients and companies within the Napkin portfolio; this facilitates cross-selling opportunities and enhances the capacity to deliver localized solutions on a global scale. 

About Napkin Inc.

Napkin is positioned as a go-public roll-up strategy, with the continued focus of acquiring $200m+ of “digital disruptors” from around the globe. All acquisitions are comprised of elite, complimentary talent that help provide end-to-end solutions across tech markets. By encouraging collaboration and concentrating on strategies for growth, Napkin fosters an environment for business owners to scale effectively and establish themselves as market leaders in the global tech-scene.

Napkin offers founders above-market purchase prices by facilitating a large portion of each transaction with “share-swaps”. Every share issued by Napkin is the same common stock, which allows founders the security of equal-opportunity at any liquidity event. As the collective grows and Napkin matures, founders will experience a further multiple on their “share swap” share price, potentially creating personal liquidity opportunities beyond what they would have otherwise been able to achieve on their own.

As Napkin grows through each set of “batch acquisitions”, investors are afforded the opportunity to buy shares back from founders, thereby providing founders with liquidity while providing investors with discounted pricing.

About Emerge Digital IT Solutions LLC

Located in Dubai, UAE, Emerge Digital IT Solutions LLC is among the region’s leading digital marketing service providers. Emerge Digital has a unique range of services that deliver tangible outcomes and sustainable growth to its clients. Concentrating on data-driven marketing methodologies, client engagements are enriched through customized and efficient campaigns provided by Emerge Digital.

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