Napkin Inc. Announces Corporate Controller Hire

Edmonton, AB – May 22, 2020 – Napkin Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Suzana Seis-Manto as its new Corporate Controller. 

With over 15 years of experience in Canada, Suzana Seis-Manto is a passionate advocate for aiding small business owners and individuals in managing and enhancing their financial well-being. Armed with a robust accounting background, Suzana offers clients sound advice, professionalism, and peace of mind. Her skill set encompasses exceptional organizational and communication skills, allowing her to streamline processes for improved efficiency and reduced waste. Additionally, Suzana excels at project forecasting, promptly resolving discrepancies, and preparing for audits, collaborating directly with auditors to facilitate seamless processes.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting from Romania, Suzana arrived in Canada with a dream to establish her own accounting practice. Having worked with the Alberta government and various private enterprises, she turned her dream into reality with Accounting by Suzana. Currently serving as a dedicated and adaptable Corporate Financial Controller at Napkin Inc., Suzana efficiently manages full-cycle accounting responsibilities, including payroll, financial statements, and government remittances. Her expertise extends to budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and policy development to enhance company efficiency, ensuring the financial health and profitability of the organizations she serves.

Before her role at Napkin Inc., Suzana gained valuable experience as a Revenue Accountant with the Government of Alberta, handling ministry financial information, collaborating with auditors, and compiling monthly financial statements. She also contributed to the Toshiba Business Solutions team, managing various financial tasks such as invoice preparation, bank transaction reconciliation, and computation of depreciation for book and tax purposes. Suzana’s diverse background and commitment to financial excellence make her a well-rounded and capable professional in the field, always staying proactive in the ever-changing landscape of corporate finance.

About Napkin Inc.

Napkin is positioned as a go-public roll-up strategy, with the continued focus of acquiring $200m+ of “digital disruptors” from around the globe. All acquisitions are comprised of elite, complimentary talent that help provide end-to-end solutions across tech markets. By encouraging collaboration and concentrating on strategies for growth, Napkin fosters an environment for business owners to scale effectively and establish themselves as market leaders in the global tech-scene.

Napkin offers founders above-market purchase prices by facilitating a large portion of each transaction with “share-swaps”. Every share issued by Napkin is the same common stock, which allows founders the security of equal-opportunity at any liquidity event. As the collective grows and Napkin matures, founders will experience a further multiple on their “share swap” share price, potentially creating personal liquidity opportunities beyond what they would have otherwise been able to achieve on their own.

As Napkin grows through each set of “batch acquisitions”, investors are afforded the opportunity to buy shares back from founders, thereby providing founders with liquidity while providing investors with discounted pricing.

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