Meet the people behind the scene,
helping us write Napkin’s story

Bankers, athletes, rockstars, activists, investors, brand creators — so many wonderful people are giving us their thoughts, time, money and life-long networks.

When sharing Napkin’s journey, many friends and colleagues respond with an authentic desire to join and to help Napkin grow. We believe when this many smart, talented, and dedicated people from all walks of life get together, great stories are soon told. Success is inevitable.

Co-Founder of Mint CRO, serial entrepreneur, advertiser, won entrepreneur of the year award, venture capitalist, investor. Advisor to Napkin since 2022.

Erin Athene

Senior Portfolio Manager, Canaccord Genuity, over $1 billion AUM. Past at Merrill Lynch, TD, Richardson, Gordon. Investor and Advisor to Napkin since 2021.

Brian Kadey

Former professional tennis player, highest ranking #6 in the world with 5 career titles. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businessman. Advisor to Napkin since 2022.

Nicolás Lapentti

Singer, television host, baker, and entrepreneur. Co-founded pop trio Wilson Phillips and is daughter of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Advisor to Napkin since 2020.

Carnie Wilson

Gerardo Mejia, pop sensation “Rico Suave” hit #7 on Billboard 100, and was the first major artist signed to Interscope records. Advisor to Napkin since 2022.

Gerardo Mejia

CEO of Dreamline Canada and AWS Group. Board member of ATB Financial, NAABA. Retired Police force. Investor, Advisor to Napkin since 2020.

Todd Pruden

Payments and fintech executive with nearly $2 billion in exits as C-suite. Treasury management, Canadian Securities Institute. Advisor to Napkin since 2022.

Anil Sawrup

Stock and crypto trader, quant analyst, and major in hospitality. Lives in Las Vegas. Investor, partner, and advisor to Napkin since 2022.

Riley Keohen

CEO of billion-dollar government telecommunications company in Ecuador. Investor, real estate, technology and farming. Advisor to Napkin since 2022.

Martha Moncayo

Investor, Master of Science, Medical Cannabis and Therapeutics, Nurse. Lives in Maryland. Investor and advisor to Napkin since 2022.

Jaclyn Gray

Forensic Accountant, CFO, CPA, CA, CFF, CFI. Advisor to family offices, Mentor at Futurepreneur Canada. Investor and Advisor to Napkin since 2020.

Greg Silas

Senior Manager and Director in Capital markets and money market desks for BDC, CIBC, ICAP, Meridian. Investor and Advisor to Napkin since 2023.

Jim Dimarkos

Ex-Vice President and Portfolio Manager at RBC Global Asset Management, managing $3 billion across North America. Investor and Advisor to Napkin.

Warner Sulz

Serial Entrepreneur, ex-Chief of Staff/PPM at Microsoft, Bing, Co-Founder of Mint Wellness and Mint CRO. Advisor to Napkin since 2022.

Jessica Jobes

Entrepreneur with exit in financial services industry. Marketing for 70+ Banks; Investments & Wealth Institute, Vice President at Russel Investments, Director at AIC.

Asif Nasim

Entrepreneur. SR&ED expert. Founder of Bonsai Growth, BNG. Vice President at OKR Financial, Director at Ayming. Advisor to Napkin since 2021.

Bhavik Chauhan

Strategist, Coach, CEO’s Advisor.
Chief of Staff at Bridgewater & Associates, Director at Institute for Experiential AI. Advisor to Napkin since 2022.

Sabrina Sidl

Entrepreneur, Director, The McGah Family Office; Co-founders of Oakland Raiders, Scarlett Wines, McGah Family Cellars. Advisor to Napkin since 2021.

Tiffany Miller

Ted Kong

Angel investor. Private wealth, commercial and residential real estate, and technology. Investor and Advisor to Napkin since 2021

Angel investor, business coach, entrepreneur. President of Continental Laundry Systems. Investor and Advisor to Napkin since 2023.

Scott Kallick

Advisory Board

Napkin’s Advisory Board exists to provide expertise, strategic guidance, industry insights, and access to networks, offering invaluable support in areas such as risk mitigation, credibility enhancement, innovation stimulation, and much more to aid in Napkin’s success and growth. The advisory board has been a powerful asset in our growth and success, and we are incredibly thankful to the vision and values of each person.

Specialized knowledge and expertise in various fields to navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions.

Strategic Guidance
Strategic insights and direction, helping set and achieve its long-term goals.

Industry Insight
Deep understanding of industry, market trends, and emerging opportunities, which are invaluable to stay competitive.

Access to valuable networks, connections, and partnerships that opens doors to new clients, investors, and collaborators.

Impartial and outside perspective, helping avoid groupthink and make more objective decisions.

Risk Mitigation
Identify potential risks and provide risk management strategies, reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes.

The presence of respected advisors enhances Napkin’s credibility and reputation with potential clients, investors and partnerships.

Mentorship to Napkin’s leadership team, offering guidance and support for personal and professional development.

Problem Solving
Help to solve specific challenges or address critical issues that Napkin faces at any given time.

Market Access
Napkin advisory board members may have insights into new markets or customer segments, helping expand our reach.

Assistance with navigating complex regulatory environments and ensuring the company remains compliant.

Resource Allocation
Advice from careers full of resource allocation, all helping Napkin prioritize its investments and allocate capital effectively.

Stimulating innovation by introducing new ideas, technologies, or approaches that Napkin may not have considered otherwise.

Succession Planning
Identifying and developing future leaders within the organization, as well as helping them grow and be as valuable as possible.

Financial Guidance
Financial expertise, including financial modeling, forecasting, and budgeting, is easily accessible and often utilized

Customer Insights
Advisory board members with industry knowledge can provide valuable insights into customer needs and behaviors.

Helping adapt to changing market conditions and disruptions, by providing access to historical data, learnings, and more.

Global Expansion
Many with international experience help Napkin by providing guidance on global market entry strategies, as we scale up.

Holds leadership accountable for their decisions and actions, promoting transparency and good governance.

Having an Advisory board generally helps Napkin win,
and everybody loves to be a part of a winning team.

Napkin leadership retreats: Galapagos Islands

Building relationships with our peers, such as management, investors, and advisors has provided Napkin’s leadership with tremendous insights and strategic direction that has shaped the foundation to what we believe is a truly world-class business.

Galapagos Islands is a short 2-hour flight away from our Latin American headquarters, and is home to indiginous family members to staff of Napkin. The experience was so raved about, we’ve done it two years in a row!

Let’s do it again soon! We’ve held retreats for various purposes in Dubai, Galapagos, Toronto, Virginia, and our 2023 trip will be in Lisbon, Portugal this November.


Napkin works with exceptional people and brands, all around the world.
You can be a huge part of our journey. Become an advisor and help us grow!

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