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Napkin scans e-commerce data to find new royalty stream opportunities. Revenue share contracts are enabled to fund growth and provide investors liquidity like never before.

Digital Royalty Assets (DRAs) fund

Napkin harnesses data from digital sales and payments to empower investors. By translating business owners’ data into investor-friendly language, Napkin creates new avenues for capital and distribution. Digital Royalty Assets (DRAs) are pooled into a fund, providing investors access to diverse royalty streams. This allows for steady cash flows and potential upside as assets appreciate. With expertise in identifying and managing high-quality royalty assets, Napkin presents a compelling investment opportunity in this unique asset class.

Entrepreneurs and investors creating liquidity

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and investors access liquidity by listing of simple contracts called “Napkin Deals”. These contracts allow both parties to share in the future revenue of a company, providing a unique opportunity for early-stage companies to raise capital without giving up equity.

Napkin Deals are designed to be straightforward and easy to understand, making them accessible to a wide range of entrepreneurs and investors. By sharing in the success of a company, both parties have a vested interest in its growth and success, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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GP/LP, 10%/90% Allocations, 0% fees

LOI’s for capital are gathered for a beta Fund I model, which consists of a GP-LP structure (0% GP fees, 33% carry) and criteria-based lending for all businesses applying. Investors are offered monthly or quarterly dividends.


Growth-stage brands

Napkin is granted access by thousands of e-commerce brands to use their financial and marketing data for loan originations, resulting in billions of short-term liquidity needs risk-assessed and rated using AI.




Risk-mitigating, down-side protection

Capital is deployed in tranches consisting of numerous brands. Funds are manually deployed in accordion fashion, giving time to perform in market and fully deploy as objectives are met.


Monthly or quarterly dividends

Napkin is offering Class C preferred shares with dividend payouts on total fund performance, pro rata what each of the LPs put in. We aim for 2-3.5x rotations of capital per year, with >50% IRR


All information on this page is subject to change, including but not limited to stats, figures, forward looking statements, concepts, models, and ideas. No guarantees or promises are made. For any inquires or concerns please contact us. Fund establishment is for QIBs and institutional funds only.

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