Napkin Inc. Announces New CFO Hire

Las Vegas, NV – February 27, 2024 – Napkin Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Brett Robinson as its new Global Chief Financial Officer. 

Brett brings years of experience as a CFO for NASDAQ traded public companies and privately held ventures, primarily focused on the Media and Entertainment industries. Brett got his start in the entertainment business working for industry legend Dick Clark, working on many television shows, as well as steering the expansion of the company into the restaurant and skincare industries.  

Most recently Brett was CFO and partner at Picturehead, a Post Production finishing company located in Hollywood, California focused on trailer and TV spot finishing for blockbuster films and series from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, LucasFilm, Netflix and many others. While at Picturehead for 11 years, Brett helped grow the company more than twelvefold in revenue and oversaw the founding of industry leading and Oscar and Emmy award-winning Post Production Sound company Formosa Group, which was launched in early 2013 and went on to become a haven for many creative artists in feature film, television, music editorial, video game, and television commercials. 

In 2015, Brett helped found Picture Shop, which grew to one of the top Post companies in television picture, color, finishing, and visual effects. All of these additions led to the sale of the company to a Private Equity company, which fueled further growth through mergers and acquisitions to an enterprise value of over $1 billion. 

“We first met Brett more than 10 years ago, while starting a business venture in Sierra Leone, West Africa,” said CEO Matthew Liberto, “and always knew that we wanted to work together when the right opportunity came along.” 

New CFO Brett Robinson commented, “Napkin provides the perfect opportunity for me to leverage my background in helping grow companies, as well as engaging in the M&A field that I’ve always enjoyed. The ability to add new companies with great creative founders, with an eye towards an IPO that will benefit founders, was something I could not pass up.”

Brett will help facilitate Napkin’s maturation, using his previous framework and approach to strategic growth via acquisitions of talent and catalog; Brett envisions building Napkin into an enterprise-level brand that is capable of IPO or an exit to a large conglomerate, similarly to his past work. Responsibilities for his new role as CFO will include helping Napkin further raise capital (debt and equity), financial and operational restructuring, conducting further acquisitions of businesses and revenue sharing deals, and establishing best-practice measures for accounting, presentations and investor relations. 

About Napkin Inc.

Napkin is positioned as a go-public roll-up strategy, with the continued focus of acquiring $200m+ of “digital disruptors” from around the globe. All acquisitions are comprised of elite, complimentary talent that help provide end-to-end solutions across tech markets. By encouraging collaboration and concentrating on strategies for growth, Napkin fosters an environment for business owners to scale effectively and establish themselves as market leaders in the global tech-scene.

Napkin offers founders above-market purchase prices by facilitating a large portion of each transaction with “share-swaps”. Every share issued by Napkin is the same common stock, which allows founders the security of equal-opportunity at any liquidity event. As the collective grows and Napkin matures, founders will experience a further multiple on their “share swap” share price, potentially creating personal liquidity opportunities beyond what they would have otherwise been able to achieve on their own.

As Napkin grows through each set of “batch acquisitions”, investors are afforded the opportunity to buy shares back from founders, thereby providing founders with liquidity while providing investors with discounted pricing.

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