Work For Brands and Agencies

For 15 years we’ve produced award-winning campaigns for brands and agencies. Our full-scale film and production facility offers casting, recording, editing and post-production. We own a rental business for cameras, lighting, gear, cranes, and underwater filming.

Global brands and agencies hire us to produce award-winning work, save money, and deliver quickly.


Our directors specialize in various areas such as; consumer packaged goods, beauty, food and beverage, franchises, sports, auto, and fashion. We create simple, pre-visualization decks for each project during the initial quoting phase


No project is too complex for us to handle. We have a solid production infrastructure that operates between North and South America. We also own a full equipment rental facility which keeps costs low for filming and shooting


Our post-producton department is essential when it comes to finalizing a project. We work in-house, with full-time post-production editors who carry out various specialties. Our post house liases between important agencies and clients

Our Ads

Napkin has spent over $200 million ad campaign dollars with advertisers such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, Amazon & others

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