Revenue Share Exchange

Create simple revenue sharing deals to sign new investors and talent. Our AI gets you back to living your best life. #NapkinDeals


Converting E-Commerce and Digital
Payments into Investible Royalty Streams

Napkin uses API’s, ML, and AI to validate private market data, such as gross merchant volume (GMV), accounting, and payment processing to assess value and risk. Investors can now create liquid royalty contracts for singular or tranched investments.

AdFund I & II

Liquidity for Advertisers

Napkin is granted access by thousands of agencies and e-commerce brands to use their financial and marketing data for loan originations. Billions in short-term liquidity is needed every month for advertising. North and South America are prime regions for deploying LP funds using our trusted partners and tech.

Napkin owns a portfolio of agencies and film studios that produce award-winning tv and digital advertising campaigns. We’ve been pushing the limits with clients and offering revenue sharing since 2015.

M&A – “Napkin Deals” Model

Acquiring Elite Agencies, SaaS, & Tech Solutions

We are ambitiously looking for great founders with sticky clients, tech, and talent suitable for our cross-selling, founder-driven model. We now very simply acquire using Napkin common stock and earn-outs (zero cash) — with one mutual desire — a legendary IPO together as $NPKN in 2026.

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