Purpose, Passion, Pursuit

We believe a company is simply a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. Therefore, a company should be a reflection of the people and the goals within it. We want a workplace to encourage one another; to unlock people to pursue their passions.

When people are passionate about what they’re doing all day, every day, unprecedented value is created. As a company, we desire that each person pursues the highest degree of excellence in their craft, and that we do it together — to grow our value as a company.

Our Mission, Vision, Market, and Slogan

Our mission: “To make entrepreneurs lives easier.”

For years, we’ve created for entrepreneurs; big and small. We’ve built marketing campaigns, advertising, websites, design, branding, and concepts that simplify and organize their vision, and helped wrap it in such a way to deliver excellence to the world. We’ve done this for so long that it oozes out of us. After a thousand times, we can take an idea from concept to commercialization easily.

We’ve had a sincere passion to serve. And the best way we’ve know hown how to serve is to make other people’s visions come to life. Why? Because there’s pure value in that. When entrepreneurs have great support, they are successful. And when we can bless them by making their life easier, they will bless us in return. We tell them often, “Get back to the lab ASAP and do what you do best, and we’ll take care of getting you to market”.

Our Vision: “To create and share value seemlessly.”

One of the things we’ve discovered recently, and have been revelating on, is the depth of human capacity to share value seemlessly. As time has gone on, humanity has, for the better or worse, created the ability to share intellectual property. Ideas, designs, and frameworks have made it simpler to navigate life. From a path in the African jungle foraged with machetes, to a gravel road, to a highway. It’s part of life.

Where one travels, the next travels seemlessly. We’ve found, there are people who forage, and others who follow. In the digital landscape, this looks like many things. Entrepreneurs pushing their product to maket on social media; or recieving access to capital by scanning their data and distributing it to investors worldwide; or recruiting staff globally with the click of a button.

Our Market: “The convergence of ecommerce and fintech”

Somehow, between all people on earth is an unseen common thread. It starts at the beginning of time, and connects through us all. In ancient culture, there was a woven garment called an “Ephod“, it was made “of gold, and of blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and of finely twisted linen—the work of skilled hands”. This was worn by an oracle, and some questioned it as though God’s existence was shown on display.

We believe there’s interwoven layers betwen everything and everyone in life. Recently, digital connectivity has been sewn in and through our lives, and will continue to layer itself through to all people on earth. It will hold financial representation, identity, law, and all trade; it will become most prevelant in all lives. Some call it, the “internet of things (IoT). We believe the convergence of ecommerce and fintech is the first mass adopted layer to this. And we not only want to be a part of it, we want to help create it, so we can keep it pure.

Our Slogan: “We’re better together.”

The most successful businesses and people on earth have people supporting them. At Napkin, we simply believe we’re better together. A finger may operate separately from a toe, but both are connected by the same nervous system. While our senses take in data, and our mind and body processes them, and perhaps our spirit and intuition filters, there’s no doubt many moving parts are necessary to function.

We believe when people function together as one body, they can achieve great things. If wounded, a body can heal. With diversity, it can also find balance. It can lean on it’s parts to overcome struggle and great weights. It can solve problems and lend a hand to others. It can produce wonderful emotion. It can love. It can learn of the wonders and complexities of life and how to interoperate with other bodies.

Award-winning founders come together, as NAPKIN.

Many people say, “don’t do business with friends”. However, we only do business with friends. We have a fairly simple rule, no *ssholes allowed. We believe, more than money, we can make real impact on each other’s lives; by building a strong culture of inclusivity, friendship, and service to one another. We’ve inspired new levels of leadership within each other; through traveling together (retreats to Galapagos Islands, Indonesia, Portugal, Toronto), creating strong bonds and friendships, and pushing ourselves hard to achieve our dreams.

“Joining Napkin has been a phenomenal way to expand our network, travel and meet people with great talent and desire to win. Loving the crew!” — Josh Sturgeon, CEO Embertribe

“We’re brothers, not even colleagues. I’ve been working with Matthew and Grant since 2015 and we have stayed with each other’s families, sharing joy in the life” — Satinath Mondal, CTO Skynet

“We’re mixing the best in industry from video production, to agencies, and advertisers, and are now able to pursue America because of Napkin” — David Pimentel, Partner Levector

“I am loving this process, working with experts in US and Canada, not just in our country of Ecuador. We’ve won our fifth award now since joining Napkin” — Chicho Villalba, CCO Santuario {Napkin Latam)

“Man these guys are hustling, and pushing me to go harder. I love it. Can’t wait to IPO. Been in this industry a long time and put in blood, sweat, and tears” — TJ Jones, Co-Founder, Embertribe

“Having fun with the Napkin crew, and appreciate the desire to win and to go big. We got in early and took a big chance, and I’m excited to reap the rewards” — Adrian Castro, Director, Levector

“Grant and Matthew are like my brothers now. I don’t know where my career would be without them. We are family and are all focused to win” — Arindam Chaudhuri, CEO Skynet (Napkin India)

“This feels really special. The people, the love, the sharing of goodness. It’s what I work for. To show up and make a real difference in people’s lives”— Grant Anderson, Co-Founder, Napkin

“Joining Napkin has been a journey. We’ve worked with Fortune 100 brands for years, and there’s levels to this business. Napkin is world class” — Jeff Karram, EP, Levector (Napkin Media)

“Napkin is a great idea and an oportunity to meet and collaborate with amazing people, who are creative and talented, and driven to win” — Andres Ochoa , CEO Santuario (Napkin Creative Latam)

“This story is magical. There’s seemingly no limit for scaling and producing a truly large company, and having it bless a ton of hard working people” — Matthew Liberto, CEO Napkin Global

“Napkin is awesome, man. We’ve been grinding since for years and this is really coming together. Stoked to keep growing the business, ten-fold” — Jeff Minnichbach, CEO NLC.com

Napkin acquires companies with amazing people, too.

We founded in February 2021, and now have companies in Canada (2), the US (3), Latin America (3), and India (1). We’re currently looking to expand at home and abroad; in Europe, Middle East, and all of Latin America. We’re looking for the best and brightest digital disrupters; including but not limited to advertising and creative agencies, SaaS and tech founders, video producers, social media managers, influencer and PR firms, copywriting services, and anyone with clever servicing to the e-commerce and fintech spaces. To inquire about an acquisition, please reach out to us. We look at all applications. There’s no better time than now!

Napkin has worked with truly amazing people and brands, all around the worlNapkin has worked with truly amazing people and brands, all around the world. You can be a huge part of our journey. Please come and help us make history!

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